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Validating a checkbox in asp net c

He is the author of some of most popular e-books which encompass technical Interview on Interview Questions and Answers, ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers, Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers and LINQ Interview Questions and Answers. Follow the following steps for validating checkbox in mvc razor.public class Registration Model //Making Custom attribute for validating checkbox // IClient Validatable for client side Validation public class Must Be True Attribute : Validation Attribute, IClient Validatable Now, you have applied the custom validation to the checkbox.

It is quite common scenario wherein a form contains checkbox list and that selecting at least one of the options from list is mandatory.In this article I explain how you can validate that at least one checkbox is checked in an asp: Check Box List using an asp: Custom Validator, and how to make it work server side and client side.None of the built in validators will validate the asp: Check Box List, so you will have to create your own.You might think that decorating a boolean property on one of your MVC models with a , would mean that if you presented that property in your view as a checkbox, that would require the user to click that checkbox before submitting the form. The following code checks if the decorated property is a bool, and if so, requires it to have been set to true; -method above where we specify the error message to display if client-side validation fails, and what the validation type is.The value we provide as the validation type will be rendered as the name of the rule in the HTML element, and will be used further down to tell j Query how to validate this property.

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Again for client side validation you could write a javascript function that uses the same logic mentioned above, however, what if you have other input controls which are validated using validation controls.