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If you don't own a guitar or can't think of a way to test their dedication, feel free to schedule one short lesson where I can go over the basics and give them an assignment to do at home, their willingness to do it will help you decide whether to continue lessons.

Remember: guitar lessons are supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

This is why online video lessons come at a cheaper price.

This is entirely up to you, however my typical lesson routine is to spend roughly half the lesson discussing music theory and the other half playing the guitar and discussing technique.

In a 30 minute lesson this breaks it up into 15 minutes for each topic which can feel a little rushed.

This is why I highly recommend all adults to schedule hour lessons, even if it means scheduling fewer lessons overall to fit your budget.

You will need a computer and a webcam (with mic) so that we can see each other and communicate back and forth.Most laptops these days come with a webcam and mic, and these accessories can be added to a desktop computer for a reasonable price.Live video lessons have the same format as in person lessons, with one main advantage and one main disadvantage.Also if a student decides to end lessons permanently during a month with already scheduled lessons, the remaining lessons will be credited to their account if they decide to come back at a later date, but will not be refunded.Be mindful that continued cancelled lessons equate to lost time and money for me, as well as it's unfair to other students waiting for an open slot to start lessons.

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Cancelling lessons beyond the yearly limit does not jeopardize your standing as a student, it just means those lessons will be lost.