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I know that's a very extreme thing to say, but it's pretty true, too.

Here's the thing about Barry saving Nora: It should, logically, change the entire face of the Earth One DC Comics show.

And that's what you want in a season finale: fireworks.

(Yes, I suppose that also means the imaginary Season 3 of Constantine should be different, too.

Diverging is good, especially from comics and their decades worth of continuity that just mucks things up (that comic books still keep trying to solve that issue is why I keep lapsing as a reader).

All this wind up is to say that I'm legitimately surprised that The Flash riffed on Flashpoint here.

Adjust your fanfics accordingly.) But basically, time travel has repercussions, and not just within The Flash.

It'd be one thing if all these shows were separate, but they've constructed a shared narrative universe, and that means these shows are all connected.

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But Barry's still the Flash, don't worry." Which wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.

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